Recitalbox-Reverb Violin


   Levon Mouradian

I thank you very much,

feel very happy and really impressed to have your invention the Recitalbox for Cello. This invention is very interesting and I liked it very much.
Despite of having high quality Italian instruments, I found out that with using the Recitalbox the sound of the instrument is really being improved!!!

Recitalbox gives more free playing sensation.

CONGRUTULATION for this invention!!!
Levon Mouradian

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  Yvonne Timoianu
Another name for the RECITALBOX...?
The MAGIC-BOX...! What else?

How else could I describe the secret little "something" that works like thousand resonance-strings (with the difference that one does not have to tune all of them before performing!), and is turning so easily and clearly much more of my musical thoughts into reality, without changing any of the "true colours" of my cello's sound?
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Maestro Ruggiero Ricci, Violin Virtuoso:
I have seen and heard Mr. Avakian’s new development “RECITALBOX” which is certainly an interesting and worth-while improvement.

The sound is greatly enhanced, adding strength and resonance.

This project deserves any help available to bring to fruition a novel and helpful addition to stringed bowed instruments.


Ruggiero Ricci


Frank Stadler, Violinist, Concertmaster of the “Mozarteum Orchestra – Salzburg” Head of “Stadler Quartet”, (Helicopter Quartet – Salzburg Festivals)


The new sound experience created by the RECITALBOX increases the enjoyment of practicing.

The pleasant reverberation has a relaxing and loosening effect on the player and consequently promotes inspiration.

The RECITALBOX brings more depth into playing music.

Univ. Prof. Dankwart Gahl, University Mozarteum, Salzburg:

Mr. Vanik Avakian is a very creative, original and artistic person.
Despite being notoriously distrustful of "sensational sound improvers" for our beloved, precious string instruments, I nevertheless allowed myself to try the "Recitalbox" and was perfectly surprised. The question of an "improvement" of the Cello’s sound does not arise here at all; in my opinion, it is rather a matter of an enchanting enrichment of its possibilities.

Tone qualities and dynamic differentiations can be varied in almost exotic diversity. A tremendous desire for improvisatory high-altitude-flying is awoken.
Not only are imaginative musical soliloquies incited; but Cellist’s friendships with inspirable composers would have new common ground to be discovered.
I sincerely hope that this invention receives the broad attention it definitely deserves.


 Michael Schneider, Solo Double Bassist with the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra, student of the Double Bass Virtuoso Francois Rabbath writes the following about the Recitalbox:

In Paris I attended the lessons of Francois Rabbath in order to discover the diverse tone qualities and timbres of the Bass and Cello, as well as to learn his ingenious and fulminant bow technique. It took many years until I had attained a relaxed and confident handling of the sound qualities of these string instruments, until I as well as my instruments had learned to “let go” and to “let sound”.

Along comes Mr. Vanik Avakian and invents an ingenious device that satisfies the player’s longing for this colour and sound richness. The ease of playing attained by the effect of "church sound in your living room" turns Bach Suites on the Cello into a sound experience of improvised world music.

Hello Mr. Avakian,

I just received the Recitalbox and I must say that I am very surprised about the effect and feel satisfied already from the first tests. I congratulate you for your invention.

I am curious, whether the improvement of the sound will appear later also without the box - particularly with regard to the clear improvement which concerns the elimination of the Wolf Tone on my Cello.

Many thanks for now and I wish you lots of success with the Recitalbox.

Ditmar Bachmann

Recitalbox, the new electronic-free device for a natural reverb on Violin, Viola & Cello
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