Recitalbox-Reverb Violin

How to mount Recitalbox on Violin & Viola
How to mount Recitalbox on Violin & Viola


Suitable for Children Violins too

  1. Hang the hook with the elastic rubber band on the one edge of the Violin’s back plate



  1. Now affix the second hook on the opposite edge.

Twist the lever halfway towards left for less or towards right for more reverb.


Mounting on Cello
Mounting on Cello

Suitable for Children Cello too

  • Affix the two elastic hooks of the Recitalbox on the edges of the Cello’s back plate
  • The Recitalbox remains invisble from the frontside of the Cello.
Recitalbox, the new electronic-free device for a natural reverb on Violin, Viola & Cello
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