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Friends of Recitalbox
Friends of Recitalbox


Violinist Renate Gräger and
Pianist Andreas Wolter
form together the Soirée de Berlin


Mr. Andreas Wolter is the first composer, who has composed special works for the RECITALBOX FOR CELLO.

I take great pleasure in presenting these works here on my website:

Dear Mr. Avakian,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your Invention. The sound samples on your Web Site are really amazing!

Though I myself do not play Cello, I wrote specifically for the RECITALBOX a little Andante & Scherzo for Cello with Recital that will certainly gain a richer sound through the usage of the Recital, especially in anechoic rooms.

I can imagine composing a piece of work for Cello with Piano accompaniment. Because I myself compose romantic-minimalist music, I believe that the Recital is adequate for this type of music.

Best Regards
Andreas Wolter, Componser, Pianist Berlin
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Recitalbox, the new electronic-free device for a natural reverb on Violin, Viola & Cello
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