Recitalbox-Reverb Violin


  Recitalbox improves the wood and increases the value of your instrument enormously.

The unique acoustic reverb and dedamping device in the history of Violin, Viola & Cello !

The patented Recitalbox increases by and by the oscillation level and improves the sound quality of your Instrument.

Through the vibrations that Recitalbox sends and receives, caused by the movements in its surroundings, the wood-cells are kept in sustained movement, "alive", even if you just keep it mounted on the Instrument without playing with it (like, for example, Violins, Violas and Cellos in Stores). If you keep the Recitalbox occasionally for, let's say, one year on your Instrument and remove it again, you will make an amazing discovery: the quality of the sound and it’s sustain have developed.

The longer you use Recitalbox, the better the quality of the sound. We are talking here about Recitalbox as a "Vibration Dedamper".

The Instruments sound substantially more balanced, easier and freer than before and become "faster". You will notice that the Recitalbox is also a Wolf Tone Eliminator. With the Recitalbox your instrument is quickly well-rehearsed, which is given with centuries-old stringed instruments.

Stringed instruments have an organic interior life by oscillations and can under changing climatic demands or after repairs strut themselves, these problems are avoided through the usage of the Recitalbox.

Recitalbox, the new electronic-free device for a natural reverb on Violin, Viola & Cello
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